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Bill Consolidation

For Bill Consolidation We've all seen it before - piles and piles of mail, coming in daily, each asking for payment, some immediately, some in 30 days. It's a fact of life - bills aren't going anywhere soon. But what happens when your bills become too much? What about when you start receiving final notice bills, or phone calls from collection agencies threatening everything short of death? If this happens, rest easy. This is where bill consolidation can help you.

Bill Consolidation - How and Why It Works

In most cases, bill consolidation is just another word for debt consolidation. In most cases, then, this is defined as consolidating all of your debt payments into one. This is primarily a situation where credit card and medical bills can be settled, or paid off with lesser penalties or interest. Debt which is eligible for bill consolidation is typically called "unsecured debt", which means debt which is not tied to an asset such as a house (mortgage) or car (auto loan).Typically, mortgages and other secured forms of credit cannot be consolidated, at least not without a debt consolidation loan.

At Aegis Debt Consolidation, we can help you consolidate bills including most household utilities, medical bills, credit card bills and many others. We have experience working with creditors in all 50 states, and can provide you with true financial help without the credit damage created by bankruptcy, nor the danger of debt consolidation loans (which have in the past seen our clients lose their homes). Our representatives are experienced with all forms of bill consolidation, including both credit counseling and debt negotiation, and we are ready to help you.

Contact us here today to request a free consultation online. Let us help you help your credit today.

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