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Christian Debt Consolidation

For many people, particularly those heavily interested in religion, and God's place in their lives, Christian Debt Consolidation is seen as a good thing. And certainly, why wouldn't it be? If you are in debt, or have lost a job which has made it difficult to survive financially, why wouldn't you seek help from an agency which has the same principals as you? It does make sense.

The Dark Side Of Christian Debt Consolidation

It is important to note that Aegis is a debt consolidation agency. We have a mission statement which is based on helping people. Simple as that. The issue we have seen time and time again with Christian Debt Consolidation is that the agencies which tout themselves as just that tend to be ethincally suspect. In fact, we have well over 100 clients right now who came to us after they "sought help" from a so-called christian debt consolidator. The result has been that we have had to effectively start again with the client and his/her creditors, which of course caused further delay and stress for all involved.

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Buyer Beware
The fact is, all we ask of our clients and of the public in general is that they take a buyer beware attitude. Just because somebody shares your faith, does not mean that they share your intentions. At Aegis Debt Consolidation, our staff are of varying religions. But, what we can assure you of is that we have helped thousands of people in your situation, many of whom originally sought Christian Debt Consolidation, but then concluded that "there may have been something funny going on."

Go with a debt consolidation company worthy of your faith. When it comes to money, remember that your interests should always come before that of your credit counseling or debt consolidation agency.

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