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Commonly Asked Questions

What exactly does Aegis do?
Aegis consolidates your debt without need for a loan. Using our services, all outstanding bills can be structured as one affordable monthly payment. Using our services, the average client becomes debt-free within 48 months, having paid 60% less than if they had paid full principal and stated interest rates.

How does Aegis accomplish this?
Our program has been successful for many years because it provides a win-win solution. Your creditors win because they save money by eliminating risk of total loss by bankruptcy and cutting collection costs. You win because the financial pressure of your debt levels is alleviated. You can pick up the phone without worrying it is a creditor or collection agency. And, you can pay off your debts without the high interest rates you currently pay.

Why is Aegis Debt Consolidation different?
Other debt consolidation or credit counseling services set up your monthly payment based on the acceptable guidelines of the creditor and will not reduce the payment to fit your budget. Our plan, however, is customizable to your budget and needs, and works for you - not for your creditors.

We have had clients who have tried to get appointments with other debt consolidation services only to discover there was a waiting period. Aegis Debt Consolidation Services makes time for you, the client. We have built a strong reputation on this.

Other debt consolidation services may claim to be free when there are in fact undisclosed hidden fees and contributions. As well, these services may keep a first monthly payment as an "attorney fee", which is not refundable or put toward the clients debts. We do not.

Other debt consolidation services will withdraw a client from their program if they are unable to make their monthly payments. Aegis Debt Consolidation has worked with clients from day one. If you are unable to make your scheduled payments, due to unforeseen circumstances, our debt counselors are ready to help. We'll always ensure the program works precisely to your needs. Guaranteed.

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