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Connecticut debt consolidation

If you are living in Connecticut and have found yourself worrying about your increasing debt load, unsure of how you will be able to pay it off, there is help available to you. Connecticut debt consolidation is a good option for those who desire to be debt free but can’t manage to make more than the minimum payment on each debt they owe. High interest rates and late fees can also cause you to fall behind in your payment schedule, making your debt load seem more and more insurmountable. If this sounds familiar, it’s time you contacted a Connecticut debt consolidation company for help.

How Connecticut debt consolidation can help

Consumers across America are looking into debt consolidation as a way to help them out of the financial pitfall. Some have lost their jobs and as a result, got behind on payments; others have been living beyond their means, using plastic to pay for everything. It’s not hard to find yourself in debt, whatever the circumstances. Credit cards are readily available. In the United States alone, there are about 190 million credit card carriers. It’s no wonder that people are looking for debt relief.

A debt consolidation loan can do a number of things for you. It can reduce your overall debt load. Debt consolidators often practice debt negotiation as well, which means that they may be able to lower the overall debt you have by speaking with your creditors. In addition to that, debt consolidation companies lower the interest rates you are paying your creditors and help make each monthly payment more manageable for you. Then, with one monthly payment to your debt consolidation agency, all your bills are paid, and you can concentrate on saving for the future.

Debt consolidation in Connecticut is not much different than in other American states. Locating a Connecticut debt consolidator is just as easy as locating one in other states. While national debt consolidators offer excellent service as well, for someone living in Connecticut, choosing a Connecticut-based debt consolidation company for financial help is a good idea. A local debt consolidator will be familiar with state laws and practices involving creditors and debt collection. They are also experts in debt consolidation loans that will allow you to lower your monthly payments and interest rates.

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Connecticut laws

Connecticut consumers are protected by the Consumer Protection Act of Connecticut. It established the Truth in Lending law which shields consumers from falling prey to credit companies that hide behind complex language. For example, the Truth in Lending law states that creditors in Connecticut have to be more forthright in their use of language, so that the cost of borrowing money is clear to anyone eligible for their credit. Therefore, interest rates, payback schedules and late payment consequences have to be made apparent.

Furthermore, Connecticut regulates the proliferation of unscrupulous debt adjustment services through licensing. According to state law, all legitimate debt adjustors have to be licensed by the Banking Commissioner. These companies offer debt management and counseling services to their clients. Seeking the assistance of a Connecticut debt consolidator is a safe and beneficial act that will help you save money and get out of debt.

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