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Being debt free in America

Debt in America is just about as commonplace as baseball and apple pie. It should come as no surprise that the average American carries about $7500 in credit card debt alone. After all, the U.S. National debt is well over $7 trillion and rising fast. Being in debt in America, then, seems almost predictable. Before you resign yourself to a lifetime of debt, high interest loans, and the burden of knowing you don’t have financial freedom, think about consulting a debt management professional. Being debt free in America is possible.

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Recognizing dangerous debt

One of the most common problems with debt in America is that many consumers do not keep track of their spending habits, relying too heavily on credit cards to get them from pay check to pay check. Then when they do receive money, it goes toward more spending, rather than in paying down their credit cards. Unsecured high interest credit card debt poses a serious danger for people who do not know how to manage their money effectively, or do not pay heed to their salaries that may not allow for credit card spending each month. Consumer culture in America has made people covet and buy nearly anything advertised, regardless of affordability.

You should visit a debt management specialist, before it becomes too late, if you experience any of the following debt symptoms:

  • You have several credit cards and at least one of them is maxed-out and has been for sometime;

  • You live pay check to pay check and most of your money goes toward paying off existing credit card debt or personal loans;

  • Creditors call your house because you haven’t had enough money to make the minimum payment or you have been late on payments;

  • You can only make the minimum payments on each of your debts;

  • You have had to borrow money from friends and family just to make ends meet.

How to become debt free in America

If you have recognized yourself in some of the symptoms listed above, you’ve done the right thing by reading this article because it means that you’ve decided to take the first step toward financial freedom. Many Americans wait and wait before dealing with their debt, which limits their debt management opportunities. The sooner you speak with a debt management expert the better.

One of the first steps in becoming debt free in America is to stop spending. Obviously, you still have to pay bills and your mortgage or rent, but it is imperative that you stop unnecessary spending. Next, a debt analysis will determine what debt you have, the interest rates you are paying and how the situation could be improved in order to enable you to pay off your debt efficiently. In some cases debt consolidation will be recommended, while in others, debt negotiation will be used in order to lower your overall debt and interest rates. Depending on your situation, a debt specialist will be able to help you determine a debt solution that will help you become debt free in America.

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