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Aegis Debt Consolidation Welcomes You!

Aegis Debt Consolidation is a Fairfield, CT, organization serving consumers nationwide. We specialize in negotiating settlements on unsecured loans and debt in order to provide manageable payments and real savings to families encountering financial difficulties

From our beginnings in 1991, we have made protecting the consumer the cornerstone of our company, and with the help of our specialized consolidation programs, have saved consumers over $100 million in principal and interest payments.

Aegis Debt Consolidation on the Web
While our company is new to the web, we are not new to providing debt solutions. For the staff here at Aegis, the web means we can provide the same effective debt solutions but to a wider spectrum of people than ever before.

Contacting Us
If you are finding that your credit card and personal loan debt has become difficult to manage, we recommend you contact us here for a free no-obligation consultation. Or, we encourage you to browse our site and find out more about Aegis Debt Consolidation learn about debt issues in our learning center, check out our FAQ or read our privacy statement.


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