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Non Profit Credit Counseling

This is a method of managing debt that isn't completely out of control. Ideal for people who are only starting to worry that their debt may soon become unmanageable, families in this position meet with a trained and certified credit counselor to effectively restructure their debt. By seeking non profit credit counseling, you may just save yourself the potential future hardship that many of American families face.

A Smart Alternative to Consolidation Loans

For many people with a moderate amount of debt, non profit credit counseling is a smart choice. There are no potentially dangerous loans involved with typical debt consolidation, and there is no damage to your credit rating. Because credit counseling is a matter of analyzing and reorganizing existing debt, virtually everybody who has a manageable amount of debt qualifies for the program.

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How the non profit credit counseling program works
With our non profit credit counseling program, one of our counselors will contact you, analyze your debt, budget and salary, work out a few possible strategies and allow you to select the one you are most comfortable with, and then contact your creditors on your behalf . In almost all cases, once your creditor knows that you have taken serious steps to manage your credit card debt by contacting a qualified credit counselor, then will offer temporary reduced interest rates. You make the monthly payments, and provided that you make every payment, these funds are divided between your various creditors.

Just through talking with our counselors, you will also gain valuable insight toward manageable your future spending, so that you will never need our help again. If you know that your financial difficulties are only short-term, you will find that non profit credit counseling program and financial managing skills that you will benefit from will be more than worth your time.

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